Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy Sunday

Pepper, BigJ, and I spend most of the evening in the "bomb shelter" which allowed me to be quite productive.  I managed to complete the apron for BigJ's sister, spin for an hour, knit on Ishbel and Citron. I seem to be on a shawl kick; I'm really enjoying knitting them.  I have several that will go with me on our upcoming 10th Anniversary cruise and I think I'm getting ahead on Christmas 2011 knitting.  I also managed to photograph some finished projects.
I anticipate further crafty productivity today since it is the Fourth of July and we will probably hang out in the "bomb shelter" again this evening. Pepper's Thundershirt has been very helpful.  She is much less anxious when wearing it and even sleeps through some of the calmer storms and quieter fireworks.  It was a great investment; well worth every penny (we paid less than $40.00 at a local independent pet shop). 

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