Sunday, October 6, 2013

Life is Crazy

It's been a while....two plus years!  Life sure gets busy.  Over the past two years I have been blessed with wonderful and close friendships with my knitting group.  We started out Tuesday night Sit n Knits at the local yarn shop.  When the shop closed, then moved further away we decided to continue to meet.  We meet at each other's houses at least one a week.  Last month we took our second annual road trip to Dayton and Cincinnati.  We enjoyed A Wool Gathering at Young's Jersey Dairy and a trip to Ikea.

I've been busy spinning and knitting.  I finally got the hang of drop spindling and am enjoying some small portable spinning projects.

Here are some recent photos:

                                         Fiber and spindle purchases from A Wool Gathering
                                                                       Car Spinning
                         Fall pumpkin colors on my wheel.  Pepper is quite the spinning helper.

                                                     One completed school colors sock!